Praying The Warrior's Prayer

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not aginst flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.


Many years ago, God gave me insight into the scripture passage in Ephesians 6 that talks about “Putting On The Full Armor of God.”  In response, I developed a teaching on spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer that I have now shared in part on this website.  In Ephesians 6:10-18, we are told to “Put on the Full Armor of God” and to pray and make intercession for “all the Lord’s people.”

“Praying The Warrior’s Prayer” is a practical way to understand how to put on the armor.  It describes each piece of armor, explains its functions, and includes scriptures that support the teaching.  Each post on this site deals with one individual piece of armor.  The culmination of the teaching is a prayer, based entirely on scriptures related to the Armor of God and spiritual warfare. This prayer can be recited to build your faith and prepare you to be an overcomer. 

On one of the pages, I have included the full text of the warriors prayer.  Please feel free to click the link to “The Warrior’s Prayer” at the top of this page, but please read through and study the teachings in the individual posts first, so you have a context for the prayer.

Over the years, I have presented this teaching in various churches, both as a weekend seminar and as a small group study spread over a period of weeks. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to have me present this teaching at your church or small group, please contact me at

In Christ,

Brian Goodell

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. nancy galeitse on said:

    I would like to be a prayer warrior

  2. debbie lueck on said:

    prayer for restoration of Tyson and Debbies marriage
    Soften tysons heart and all who are directing him for divorce. four children that need a special prayer for a hedge of protection during all of this

  3. Hello,

    I would like to have support for the following prayer. Mom (Henriette Billard) who was 97 was hospitalized against her will for distort food roads The pneumology department did not accept her. The rhumatology department refused to keep her but transferred mom to the geriatric department.

    Then a pneumonia of inhalation was discovered. Failing to treat it or to feed mom by oral route the hospital where mom was decided not to nourish her by any mean whatsoever and the hospital refused to let mom go back home until it was sure she would die.

    Mom was authorized to come back home within a hospital at home (half a bulb of scopolamine was injected to her – I was said it was for her breathing comfort…) . She died 3 days later

    Considering that every person has the right to be treated normally whatsoever their age and that there was an injustice of which mom was the victim which should repaired (Luke 18), I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ (John 14:13) to raise up mom from the deads for some extra high quality years of life because for God nothing is impossible (John 6:19, Matthew 17:20, Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37 (if mom would have died normally I would not ask prayers so that she may be raised up from the deads now).

    Many thanks for those who accept to support me for this.prayer.

    May God bless them.

    Philippe Billard

    More details in my blog-personal prayer request
    When God performs this miracle I will write it on this blog.
    (you may also find there some tools for churches)

  4. Barbara Wright on said:

    I would love to join as a prayer intercessor.

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